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Why Gym Contracts Don’t Have Your Best Interests in Mind

The gym industry has gotten a bad rap on how it conducts business.  I know most of you have dealt with chain gyms that have been less than honest with you. Anywhere from sneaky contracts to surprise fees that you had no idea that you signed up for. The gym is supposed to be a place where you relieve stress not increase it.

Many people are scared to sign up for a gym membership because they are worried that they will be “locked in” a contract where they cannot get out of . We agree that you must be committed to your fitness goals and make this a lifestyle change but we also know that life happens. Sometimes you move, sometimes you separate with your significant other, sometimes job changes happen. No matter what you should be supported and taken care of instead of penalized.

What signing a contract for a gym service means to us is if you have to lock someone into a contract then that means you do not have very much confidence in what you are offering. You are not actually committed to providing what you promised because if you were you would not have to lock people in. A contract is a scary thing and in this day in age people are more educated than ever and things are going to shift into a new direction.

What we are trying to accomplish here at The Gym at City Creek by not having a contract and being a month to month gym is we want to hold ourselves accountable and earn your business each month. If we are not doing a good job and aren’t providing good customer service then we do not deserve to have your business.

If you want to try out our gym where we do not use high pressure intimidating tactics then give us a call 801-656-2092 or email us at [email protected]

We want to change the perception of the gym industry by actually caring about our customers and instead of being sneaky and money driven, we want to be service driven. We want the gym to be a place where you are part of a community that actually means something. We want you to be part of something you can be proud of and trust that we have your best interests in mind.


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