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Tips for Flavoring your Clean Lean Eats

By: Tamara Watt


Use herbs and spices to add lots of flavor without adding loads of sodium. Examples include; Use HERBS!

• basil

• bay leaf

• chili powder

• cinnamon

• cumin

• dry mustard

• garlic powder, not garlic salt

• onion powder, not onion salt

• oregano

• paprika

• parsley

• pepper, black and red

• poultry seasoning

• thyme

• no-salt spice blends

• Turmeric

• Ginger

If you are going to use some type of seasoning rub then buy chicken with the skin still on it. You can rub the seasoning under the skin and it will stay there. Otherwise, much of the seasoning may fall off when you are BBQ-ing it. You can remove the skin after BBQ-ing and still have a healthy, yet flavorful meal. Think LEAN!

Use dry rubs, mixtures of herbs and spices that usually contain NO sugar, to instantly season beef, pork, poultry or fish without tacking on unwanted fat. Store-bought rubs may be high in sodium, so mix your own to ensure that it’s less salty.

Sprinkle the desired combination into a bowl with lemon juice and rub onto the meat, then use your fingers to gently work the seasonings mixture into the meat surface. Or place the meat in a plastic bag, throw in the rub ingredients and shake to cover.

SALSA FRESCA (Feel Free to use 1-2 tbsp. with each of your “whole meat Meals” or “Eggs”

Each Batch will consist of:

½ Large white onion

5 Roma Tomatoes

¼ cup cilantro (you choose how much you like)

1 whole lemon and lime (real not juice)

4 Garlic Cloves (just the pieces not whole bulbs)

1-2 green Jalapeno peppers (depends on your taste) – Gets the Metabolism Revved!

Add 1/8 – ¼ tsp. of No Sodium, Salt Substitute (to keep the sodium levels lower).



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