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“The Gym at City Creek changes lives, increases productivity, energy, and confidence”

The Gym at City Creek is striving to be more than the typical gym. The typical gym just sells you a building that just happens to have equipment for you to use or not use. The typical gym is not very interested in the results you gain or how it can enhance your life.

Our gym is about offering more than just equipment. Our gym is about creating a connection with our members and truly changing lives. We understand that you have a busy life and trying to balance them all can be a challenge. But above is a picture of one of our members who despite, running a successful business that requires a lot of travelling, still finds time to get his workout in.

The pictures above are his before and after photos. He used a personal trainer three times per week to get these results but the benefits that he has received by committing himself to improving his health and fitness are

  • having more energy throughout the day to be more productive in his business
  • fitting better in his clothes which helps him project more confidence
  • having his wife say he is “buff

These are just some of the benefits he has received by being a member of our gym and we are happy that he chose our gym to be a member of.

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