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Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

I’d like to talk about gym etiquette today.  It hasn’t happened often, but I have experienced rudeness at gyms (not at The Gym at City Creek, though!) over the years.   Not everyone follows proper gym etiquette.

The Cut Off:  One day, I was heading for a cable machine and someone cut me off and grabbed it.  Then when she was done, she left the cable up on the highest position.  I couldn’t reach it.  Before she used the machine, it had been left in the lowest position.  I should have grabbed it while I had the chance.  Please, consider those of us who are on the short side when you finish using cables and position them at mid-level or lower.  Thanks!

Equipment Hog:  On another occasion, as I approached the triceps press machine, a guy was using it.  I asked politely how many sets he had left and he said he had one more.  Okay, fine, I did my triceps extensions and waited for him to finish.  Then, I did one set on the press and switched back to the extensions.  An older man came by and asked if I was done with the press.  I said I was super setting them, but he could have it for one set.  The guy stayed planted in that seat for three sets!  I was sitting right there waiting for him and he sat his butt down and ignored me.   Not good!

Chatterbox:  This one really bugs me.  When I got to the gym, I went to do my cardio.  As I got on my usual elliptical, a couple of girls walked over to another machine nearby and proceded to drape themselves on the thing and gab at full volume.  Neither of them actually used it.  They were decked out in full spandex, headbands, heart rate monitors–the whole works, but they never broke a sweat.  If you come to the gym, use the equipment for it’s intended purpose, please.  Sure, chatting with your gym buddies a bit is perfectly acceptible, but remember, you are there to work out.  Get busy!

Okay, so the point of this post is to remind everyone who works out at a gym to be courteous.  Communication is key.  Make your position clear.  If you’re doing supersets, let the person who asks to use the machine know that you would appreciate being able to take turns after each set.  If you’re confronted by a continuously rude person and can’t seem to remedy the situation on your own, contact a staff member to sort out the problem.  And please tone down the chatter.

The gym should be a positive, supportive place where people work together toward fitness, not marred by inconsiderate patrons.  Keep it real.  Keep it productive.  Keep it fun.  Keep it safe.  Take care.