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Sunday Ritual Food Preparation!!

By: Tamara Watt



When we look over the week before, and see all that we have accomplished, Please be sure to stop and acknowledge all your hard work! Now with that said, it’s also the time to reflect and see how we can do better and head off our “limiting factors” before we feel overwhelmed and are tempted to revert back to convenience.

Here is a simple but yet awesome way to get your week started RIGHT! The weekly Menu Preparation. You are already a busy wife, Husband and Parent, and in turn striving to achieve your personal goals and long term successful eating habits! With that said, look at your schedule and find one evening or day per week that you can set aside 1-1.5 hours of kitchen prep time! Don’t go another week or day letting yourself down, when you can be empowered and still serve all those around you!!

You’re weekly Menu:

Meat: be sure that when you do your weekly grocery shopping, Grab a few varieties’ of meat (protein) items from your Substitution list.

Carbohydrates:be sure to grab a variety of these as well (oatmeal, sweet potato rice, beans etc.). The same goes for your fruits and vegetables grab a variety for a fun way to try new recipes and to create excitement in your daily clean eating habits.

Condiments/Water/Shakes: Here is another one to be sure to have on hand at all times, in the car, purse or gym bag. We have to be watchful and proactive, we expect to go out and just find whatever we need, but truth is we will be let down each time. In turn we continue to feel that we are just not reaching our best or that it’s too difficult. Always plant the seed of Preparation in you!

How to do it!

Look at your weekly menu you will notice that you have 2 shake and 3 whole meal options. Buying meat in bulk will help as you can add the ounces of meat you are scheduled to eat over the week, and times that by 7. That will help you to see how much you need to have on hand, and how much to cook.

  1. Pre heat the oven (375) or fire up the Grill. Pre marinate the meat in the early am, by adding in low sodium chicken broth and Mrs. Dash no salt seasonings. Place all meat on the grill or on a large baking pan. Cook for 45 minutes or until desired texture is reached. Let cool and measure cooked (it will be off by 1 oz.  So if you are supposed to eat 4 oz., it will weigh 3 oz.)
  2. While the meat is cooking this is a great time to precut and baggy all your veggies or place in air tight containers for a quick yummy meal or snack.
  3. Fruit to keep it simple go for apples, oranges, or even strawberries.
  4. Carbohydrates, cooking a large batch of Brown rice, quinoa for the week makes for a quick and easy reach, or on the go, be sure to have some rice cakes or Ezekiel bread and wraps for a quick throw together.

By empowering your week through a fast and easy Menu Prep,  this will allow you to wake up energized, and more focused on those whom need your time most. Your needs will be met, easy and on the go! The only way to succeed is to always be prepared and yes ITS OK to put YOU first! Then you can give the rest of the world YOUR BEST!

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