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Stacy Jenkins Loses 105 Pounds

Stacy Jenkins Loses 105 Pounds

How My Life Changed In Just 12 Months

Stacy Jenkins is a member and an emloyee for us here at the Gym at City Creek and has a tremendous success story to share.


A few years ago Stacy was at a crossroad in his life. He was engaging in bad habits such as drinking and smoking on a daily basis and got his weight up to 320 pounds.


He had recently gone through an injury where he broke his leg and ankle and was not able to move for 7 months. While he was going through this injury he also broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years and that is where the downward spiral began.


Stacy started to deal with his emotions through eating, drinking, and smoking and got to the point where he could no longer see his feet and when he bent over to tie his shoes he would get out of breath.


Stacy realized that he could no longer travel this path of self destruction and it was time for him to make a change in his life.


When Stacy made the committment to change his life, he immediately cut out the drinking and smoking, stopped using condiments, and watched his carbohydrates and fats intake.


His exercise routine consisted of 35-60 minutes a day five days per week with a combination of weight training and cardio. He decided to get help with a personal trainer to accelerate his results.


Stacy’s advice to you is to get help with a personal trainer and make the commitment to change your life. He believes that you got to want it!


Great work Stacy!


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