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What exactly is Personal Training?

Personal training is when you hire a certified personal trainer to help you set goals, stay accountable to them, create your workout plan for you, and change your workout plans over time to make sure that you do not hit a plateau.

The personal trainer will go over your nutritional habits, weight training routine, cardio routine, and how to best put together a workout and nutritional plan.


How long are the personal training sessions?

The sessions are 30 minutes long sessions one on one with a personal trainer. The sessions are designed to maximize your time in the gym and use your time wisely. We know that you are incredibly busy in your life and we want to ensure that we are getting you the most results in the shortest amount of time.

During these sessions you will use different styles of equipment, bands, free weights, treadmills etc. The trainer will supervise all of your movements and exercises to make sure that you are not overtraining and injuring yourself.


How do you choose a personal trainer?

You have the ability to choose the trainer that best fits your personality and personal training style. If you find that the personal trainer you have been assigned to you is not the right fit , you can always switch personal trainers with no problem.

Our hiring process is designed to get the most educated personal trainers who are also great with people. In personal training we understand just how important relationships are with our clients therefore we hire the right personalities for all of our clients.



What is the success rate of a personal trainer?

Using a personal trainer will significantly increase your chances of success because of the accountability factor accompanied with the support. It is a known fact that when you track and measure your progress your results significantly improve.

By having a personal trainer you will be able to maximize your gym membership while cutting down the amount of time it will take you to reach your fitness goals. Success is almost guaranteed if you use a personal trainer if you commit to it for the long term and stay consistent.


Who buys and benefits from personal training?

The person who will benefit the most from getting a personal trainer is the individual who struggles with motivating themselves to get the results that they want and are truly looking for help.

The person who also has had multiple gym memberships but has never really quite reached the goals that they have wanted or the person who does not know what are the best exercises to do in the correct sequences to achieve the best and fastest results.



What comes in a personal training package?

  • customized workout plans

  • one on one personal training

  • customized cardio plan

  • measurement sheets so we can track your progress

  • client tracker sheets so we can measure your visits and commitment

  • one free customized nutritional program consultation

What makes our training different from other trainers in other gyms is we work as a team of trainers just to help YOU. We are constantly brainstorming with each other to see how we can get our clients into better shape. So in essence when you sign up with one of our trainers you are really signing up with our team of trainers.

Our personal training is designed for people who are looking to lose weight, get fit, increase lean muscle, and drop body fat.

Personal training will help you get the results you want faster than ever before. It is our passion and job to research and do all of the work that you do not have time for, to get you the weight loss and fitness accomplishments you desire.

We can train any fitness level whether you are a beginner and do not know where to start or have ever been a member of a gym, to an advanced athlete that needs that extra push to take their fitness to the next level.

Our training philosophy is based around asking questions that are specifically designed to bring out your personal needs so we can tailor the workouts based off of your schedule and lifestyle. Everyone is unique and that is why we take such a personal approach instead of a standardized approach. The way we personalize your program is we go over your weight training program, your nutritional habits, and how you do your cardio and come up with a game plan so that every time you are in the gym you are working efficiently and not wasting any time or energy on things that will not get you to your results.

Most people we speak to say they are confused with what they should be doing in the gym in order to get the results that they truly desire. As personal trainers we understand there is a science to training people’ s bodies to look and feel a certain way and we take that very seriously. To get the results that you ultimately want, you do not have to work out two to three hours per day.

It is not about how long you work out, it is about what you are doing in your workouts and if you are doing them in the right order and at the right time. We will show you how to do all of that and more.

Our personal trainers are certified through nationally accredited institutions and have experience with training people just like you. Personal training is not only for celebrities and movie stars but also for the busy professional as well as the stay at home mom. We adjust to your needs.

We have both male and female trainers to help you so if you are intimidated by one or the other or prefer a certain gender we can offer that to you.  Just ask us and we will accommodate.

When we hire our personal trainers we do not just hire just anyone off of the street with a certification. We hire first off of personality and how well they can communicate. Then we make them go through a minimum of a five person interview making sure that they are a fit in our “culture”. We want our clients to feel like we have their best interests in mind and we understand where they are coming from.