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The top 10 reasons people are NOT successful in reaching their health and fitness or body image goals:

10. Most people have the mindset I can change by lifestyle myself

9. Most people lose interest after their 1st 60 days

8. Most people think they can out train poor nutrition

7. Most people don’t know how much or what type of cardio to do to affect their metabolism

6. Most people don’t know how much or what type of weight training to do to fit their goals

5. Most people don’t take advantage of the free offers that the gyms provide i.e. personal training session, nutrition advice, etc.

4. Most people will stop coming unless they are held accountable by something or someone

3. Since most people don’t know what they are doing their initial results wane and so does their attendance

2. Most people have busy work and family lives and have difficulty committing consistent time to health, fitness and nutrition

1. The number one reason that people don’t reach their fitness goals is that changing poor or unhealthy lifestyle habits is one of the hardest and most important things in the world to do for longevity, consistent good health and positive self-esteem and yet they treat it like its easy, or they can do it themselves or the worst case, it will be different this time.

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