* By appointment only

How big is your pool and do you need to reserve a lane?

Our pool is a 3 lane lap pool that is 20 yards long. Currently you do not have to make a reservation to swim laps.

What is the temperature of the pool and the hot tub?

The pool temperature is 84 degrees and the hot tub is 104 degrees.

Do you have day lockers available?

Yes. We have day lockers available and they are a key pad system so you just punch in your own 4 digit combination when you want to lock and unlock your locker.

Is it possible to get an overnight locker or executive locker?

Yes. For an additional fee you can add on locker service and what it includes is your very own dedicated locker with an assigned combination. What’s included in the service are laundry service, towel service, and the ability to keep your clothes overnight so you do not need a gym bag.

Are your gym memberships a contract?

No. Our memberships are not a contract they are month to month and you can freeze your membership at any time. You have complete control of your membership which makes us different from most gyms.

Are the classes included with the membership?

Yes. All of the classes are included with the membership with the exception of pilates which is an extra charge because of the use of the reformers and chairs and an instructor is needed.

Can I bring a friend as a guest to our gym?

Yes. You can bring a friend to our gym as a guest. It costs $20 per visit and they do not have to sign up for a gym membership. But of course if they decide to join we can apply that $20 towards signing up.

What kind of memberships do you offer?

We offer individual memberships only.

Do you have daycare?

No. We are an 18 and over gym so we do not offer daycare.

If I need to make changes to my membership such as (cancellations, payment info, transfers) who do I contact?

The best contact to reach is [email protected] 

Do you offer personal training?

Yes. We offer personal training and we offer each member a new member orientation to go over your goals, your measurements, and teach you how to use the different kinds of equipment that we offer.

Can I bring my own personal trainer to the gym?

No. We have in house personal training so we do not allow independent trainers to train at our facility.

How much does a membership cost?

We start at $69 per month and vary from there based on what additional services you would like to add to your membership.

How much does personal training cost?

We start at $35 per session and we vary from there based on how many sessions you purchase.

Do you have towels?

Yes. As part of your membership we provide a gym towel and a shower towel.

How long in advance can you reserve the racquetball courts?

You can reserve the racquetball courts 3 days in advance.

Where is the gym located in the mall?  

We are located right across from the cheesecake factory above the Disney store. If you look in the mall directory and find the cheesecake factory you will be able to see us.

Do you provide racquetball equipment?

Racquetball equipment  is available for rent  for $1 per use.

Do you offer free parking?

Yes. We validate parking at Regent Street which is right across the street from our gym on 100 south.

If you need more help with your gym experience and have comments or concerns contact

[email protected]