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How to Use Stairs in Your Workout Routine

Be Creative to Get Your Results

When you are looking to get a workout in and you do not know what to do or do not have access to gym equipment you will still want to be creative.

Some of the best workouts that I have done with my clients are workouts on stairs. Use the stairs to be able to increase your heart rate and challenge your muscles in different ways.

You can do runs up the stairs, push ups up and down the stairs, two legged hops, single legged hops, calf raises, high knees, and so many more exercises.

The key to making this effective is using your creativity and not allowing the lack of a gym membership or lack of equipment to stop you to get to your goals.

A sample workout that I use with my clients goes as follows

60 second run up and down the stairs
60 second push ups up and down the stairs
60 second two legged hops up the stairs
60 second single leg hop up the stairs

Repeat cycle 3 times and make sure to put 100% effort.



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