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How to Make Nutrition Easier

by Tamara Watt 


Prep in advance. You can prepare dinner while making lunch or breakfast. If you have dry ingredients to mix get those together and store it in the pantry until you are ready to combine everything for dinner.


Make extra. Every family has favorite dishes, so when you prepare those meals, double the recipe and freeze the other half. (This is perfect for lean grilled meats).


Buy items in the form that you need them. “It may be more costly, but you will save time in the kitchen,” “Choose shredded or sliced cheese, boned and skinned chicken breasts, and cut-up fresh vegetables. Try to always include your children in cutting up fresh fruits and vegetables, keeps them involved and they are more than likely to start “tasting”. It’s never too early or late to create a lifelong Healthy Habit!


Find shortcuts. “If a recipe calls for chicken, use rotisserie (without the skin) or frozen grilled chicken breasts from the store. And don’t be afraid to buy a part of a recipe instead of creating it, such as low sodium marinara sauce, or make your own with no sodium diced tomatoes, fresh ground garlic, cilantro and onion’s and Italian spices.

Have breakfast for dinner. Don’t have time to make dinner? Simply serve up an early-morning favorite for the family. “Scrambled eggs are one of the fastest foods to make, and one of the healthiest. Add in fat free cheese and there a Hit!  You can also do Old fashioned oatmeal with fresh strawberries and 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder, serve it hot and your children are getting enough nutrients to last them all morning long, and plenty of energy to stay alert and awake for their daily activities.

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