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Fat Melting Circuit Training

by Phil Despain

Warm up 10 min

Jumping Jacks 1minute
Narrow Squats 15lbs (Feet together and up on your toes) 1 minute
Thigh blasters 1 minute
Burpees no push up 1 minute
Bent over rows 10lbs 1 minute
Crunches 1 minute
Push Ups 1 minute
Shoulder Press 10lbs 1minute (if you burn out, try to just hold your arms up)
Repeat this for 30 minutes

10 minutes walking on treadmill as fast as you can at the steepest incline possible. Don’t hold on to the treadmill
10 minutes biking see how far you can go in that 10 minutes.
10 minutes stair climber

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