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Class Descriptions


All levels of fitness welcome in this challenging and popular class! Increase your aerobic capacity and improve your stamina in this 60 minute class that offers high intensity interval and endurance training; Water bottle and towel highly recommended!

Cardio Circuit

A bootcamp style class where you will be challenged aerobically and anaerobically. Anything goes in this high energy, high intensity class. The instructor will use a mix of equipment, including our new Slide Boards, to push your fitness to the next level!


This full body toning class will challenge all of your muscle groups using bars, bands, dumb bells, stability and medicine balls. The instructor will help you realize the power you’ve always had!


This dance inspired class will leave any level of athlete exhausted from head to toe! Starting with a low impact warmup and moving to a full body toning workout, the instructor will focus on muscle endurance and sculpting a killer physique!


You aren’t going to want to miss this one! Come flatten that belly, tighten those glutes, and strengthen your back in the class designed specifically for your core! A mix of equipment will be used.

Pilates Mat

A series of whole body exercises designed to build strength while developing balance and flexibility. In 10 classes, you’ll feel the difference, in 20 classes you’ll see the difference and in 30 classes you’ll have a whole new body. All levels welcome!


A class designed to integrate the body and the mind while focusing on strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Water Aerobics

Challenge your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness in this alternative aerobic class. Determine your own intensity, all fitness levels welcome.

Intro to Rip60 

This one of kind class offers strength and endurance training using your own body weight through suspension with our Rip60 straps. All levels of fitness are welcome in this extremely popular class introducing the latest technology in resistance training. The exercises are easy to follow and tailored to individual ability. Come try it, you won’t be disappointed!


Kick Boxing:

This fun and engaging class incorporates circuit training, aerobic cardiovascular high intensity intervals, core work, and kickboxing based off of MMA and Muay Thai Boxing! This isn’t your typical run of the mill aerobic boxing class; we use real heavy bags and instructors with experience! Come kick some butt with us!


Equipment Classes offered

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*Class etiquette Cell phones should be left in a locker or gym bag and appropriate gym attire and footwear is expected. Please no hard sole shoes and no street clothes.