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Category: Testimonial

By: Greg Marshall

Excerpt from his book: Body Fit

When working with proteins, you should always have Incomplete Proteins in your diet. “Incomplete Proteins are proteins from plants and legumes such as beans, rice, tofu, and certain vegetables.

These provide lower amounts of proteins per gram and should be combined together in order to provide a meal higher in protein, such as rice and beans.

Incomplete proteins are also higher in carbohydrate content than complete proteins. Vegetarian and vegan diets typically consist of these proteins.”

“Yes it’s official: We are members of The Gym at City Creek – We are excited!”

“Just toured your *BEAUTIFUL* facility! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!”

“I am so excited today was my first yoga class and it was wonderfull!!!”

“‎Chanel Stewart kicked my butt at yoga tonight! If you want a yoga class that will make sweat and sore the next day come next week.”

“My FAVORITE classes so far: Cycle and Powertone with Adrienne on Mondays and Cycle and abs on Friday with Mindy. Those ladies are crazy! Thanks for kicking my butt!”

“The shakes at the Gym are great! Try strawberry banana!”

This is one of our favorite places! If you haven’t checked out The Gym at City Creek we highly recommend you do so.

I love this place! It’s time to step your fitness and gym expectations way up guys. This IS the place in SLC for serious training and an upscale atmosphere.

This is how I’m going to gain some weight! Thanks to my awesome trainer, Adriane Ashley at The Gym at City Creek!