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As you know here at our gym we are constantly looking for new ways to add more value to your membership while simultaneously improving your experience. As we were creatively thinking of how we can “wow” our members we came up with the idea of offering discounts to the mall that is located right below us.

We decided to meet up with stores to partner up with us to add such tremendous value and if you click the click the link below titled “Gym Benefits” you will be able to see the stores where your gym membership gets you a discount. In order to redeem the discount at the stores all you have to do is show the store your membership barcode. Hope you guys enjoy and thank you so much for being a member of our gym we appreciate your business.

Gym Benefits

By Deseret News

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 17 2012 4:12 p.m. MST

SALT LAKE CITY — Another high-end amenity has been added to the roster of Salt Lake City’s highly anticipated City Creek Center project. The GYM at City Creek will open in March on Main Street.

The 55,000-square-foot facility will include a variety of fitness training options for downtown residents and visitors. Among the unique features will be I-Fit technology, individual satellite TV, international scenery workout programs, along with cardiovascular and strength training, basketball and racquetball courts, free weights, indoor cycling and swimming. The property will also include an onsite physical therapy practice, spa hair services and daily laundry service.

“Whether you work downtown, live downtown, or simply want a fitness experience unique to Salt Lake City, The GYM at City Creek delivers wellness in a way you won’t find at any other public fitness facility,” said general manager Rick Strout.

Membership fees will range from $59 to $99 per month with no long-term contract commitment. In addition, The GYM will offer a guest program for visitors staying in surrounding hotels.

Visit www.TheGymAtCityCreek.com or call 801-656-2092  for more information.

The Gym at City Creek


The Gym at City Creek is a 55,000 square foot facility is designed to provide an affordable, first-of-its kind fitness experience to those living, working or visiting downtown Salt Lake.

Amenities include cardiovascular training, strength training, free weights, circuit training, indoor cycling, aerobics and yoga, two basketball courts, two glass racquetball courts, a junior Olympic pool and nutrition juice bar.

What makes The Gym unique, however, is its focus on providing upscale and relaxing experiences for our members. From floor-to-ceiling windows that offer uncompromising views of downtown Salt Lake, to an onsite physical therapy practice and spa hair services, to an executive locker room with private sauna, steam, whirlpool and daily laundry service.

The Gym includes a variety of personalized training options guided by elite staff. Individual, group and corporate training sessions include customized body fat analysis, nutrition guidance, personal strength and cardio programs. State-of-the-art fitness equipment will feature I-Fit technology, individual satellite TV and international scenery workout programs.

Monthly membership fees at The GYM range from $59 to $99 a month, depending on membership type, services and training options. Dues are month to month, with no long-term contract commitment. Single, couple, executive and corporate memberships are available for guests 18 years and older.

Mar 21st 2012

While hordes of shoppers descend on downtown, SLC to finally see the years-in-the-making City Creek Center in person, The Gym at City Creek will open its doors to urbanites looking for a workout.

Amenities abound in this centrally-located gym: on-site trainers, classes, basketball and racquetball courts, and—what may be the hallmark of The Gym—an indoor swimming pool built to Junior Olympics specifications.

Looks like downtown Salt Lake can add one more thing to the list of things that it has going for it.

Just as City Creek Center puts on all the stops for opening day, The Gym at City Creek will host an open house on March 22 and 23, as well as a grand opening bash on March 26. To get to The Gym, you’ve got options—TRAX stops right in the heart of City Creek (51 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City), and underground parking abounds. Once inside the development, you can find The Gym right above Cheesecake Factory.

Health » Club designed for people who live and work near new mall.


| The Salt Lake Tribune

First Published Mar 19 2012 02:21 pm • Last Updated Mar 22 2012 11:08 am

With an indoor creek and high-end retailers such as the jeweler Tiffany, City Creek Center aims to dazzle. An adjoining gym does, too.

Nestled on the southeast end of the sprawling shopping mall, The Gym at City Creek features an indoor pool, a movie viewing room, nine very large TV large screens among dozens of others, laundry services, a deli, basketball and racquetball courts, and a relaxation room with leather couches.

The 55,000-square-foot facility, which offered tours Thursday, March 22, with the opening of City Creek Center, is designed to cater to the thousands who live and work in and around the City Creek development. The gym is expected to open its doors for customers on Monday.

The project, created and built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, includes several office buildings with an estimated 5,000 workers. Approximately 2,000 people will work in City Creek Center or for surrounding merchants and restaurants. Hundreds more live in some of the 425 condominiums and 110 apartment units that are part of City Creek.

The gym, which is leasing space from the LDS Church, is aiming for a specific niche, said general manager Rick Strout.

The idea for a downtown health club was part of City Creek from the start, Strout said. “[The church] needed a place for people who live and work downtown to exercise and play.”

Although some clubs in the suburbs cater to families and offer child-care services, The Gym at City Creek is catering to a large degree to professionals who want to work out before or after work or on their lunch hours. The club is not offering child care, and membership is limited to people who are at least 18, he said.

The club has a variety of features and programs that address in some way most of the reasons people don’t work out, Strout said. In terms of entertainment, a number of the pieces of fitness equipment have built-in TVs; there are also big-screens and a screening room where patrons can watch a full-length movie while working out. The facility also offers a variety of pre-set workouts as short as nine minutes. And for an added fee, the club offers laundry services so that your workout clothes will be cleaned and ready for your next visit.

Although the formal address of the club is 51 S. Main St., its entrance is off 100 South — about midblock between Main and State streets.

The Gym at City Creek is owned by Brent Cook, who also owns The Gateway shopping center’s Metro Executive Fitness/Sanctuary Day Spa, and his daughter, Cathy Brunken, and her husband, Stephen.

Cook has been involved in several other health clubs, including the two that were in ZCMI Center and Crossroads Plaza malls before they were razed to make way for City Creek Center.

“We wanted to create an upscale atmosphere, just like City Creek,” Cook said.

Because The Gym at City Creek is closed on Sundays — none of the shops in City Creek Center and only two restaurants are open that day of the week —members will be able to go to The Gateway to work out.

Monthly fees at The Gym at City Creek range from $49 to $99 per person. The club also offers an executive membership.

The club will start with 40 classes per week, including pilates, yoga, indoor cycling and zumba. Depending on demand, it may add to those offerings over time, Strout said. The club also offers physical therapy services.

Club managers say they believe that features such as a lap pool that is shared with the condominium developments in City Creek and the sports courts probably will be the most popular draws.

Tara Isaacson, who lives and works in the downtown area and signed up as a member, said even though she doesn’t do a lot of swimming, she’s attracted to the pool area, with its glass walls and balcony.

“The pool is gorgeous. And the balcony is cool.”

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Fit Stop Physical Therapy Clinic is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new location at 51 South Main in Salt Lake City. The clinic is located inside The GYM at City Creek, a newest athletic club in the heart of the City Creek Center.


The new outpatient clinic will offer complete physical therapy, medical and industrial rehabilitation services.  It will treat patients seeking rehabilitation care including post orthopedic surgeries, joint replacement, sports related injuries, pre and post surgical rehab and biomechanical analysis. Services also include treatments for arthritis, osteoporosis, patellofemoral syndrome, plantar fasciitis and neurological rehab including Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.


The physical therapy group will work closely with personal trainers at The GYM at City Creek to maximize rehabilitation results for patrons needing a formal course of therapy.  They will also provide free screenings of injuries to the musculoskeletal system. The clinic hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. closed Saturdays and Sundays.


Previously Bluth managed therapy clinics including The Utah Center for Sports Medicine at the Sportsmall in Murray, St Mark’s Hospital, The Life Centre at Alta View and currently works with his two sons Tyler and Tobin providing therapy services at the Fit Stop in Heber City. Mr. Bluth graduated from the University of Iowa and is the former past president of the Utah Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Read more: Utah Pulse – Physical Therapy Practice Opens at City Creek Gym

SALT LAKE CITY — Fit Stop Physical Therapy Clinic has announced the grand opening of its new location at 51 S. Main in Salt Lake City. The clinic is located inside The GYM at City Creek, a new athletic club in the City Creek Center.

The outpatient clinic will offer physical therapy and medical and industrial rehabilitation services. It will treat post-orthopedic surgeries, joint replacement, sports-related injuries and pre- and postsurgical rehab, and will offer biomechanical analysis. Services also include treatments for arthritis, osteoporosis, patellofemoral syndrome, plantar fasciitis and neurological rehab including Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

The physical therapy group will work closely with personal trainers at The GYM at City Creek for patrons needing a formal course of therapy. They will provide free screenings of musculoskeletal injuries.

Clinic hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The clinic is closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Alan Bluth, director of rehabilitation for Fit Stop Physical Therapy, previously managed clinics at the Utah Center for Sports Medicine, St. Mark’s Hospital, and the Life Centre at Alta View. He currently works with his sons Tyler and Tobin providing therapy services at the Fit Stop location in Heber City. Bluth graduated from the University of Iowa and is past president of the Utah Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Business profile » With a balanced approach, Utahn Brent Cook has built a Salt Lake valley fitness empire.

By Michael C. Lewis

| The Salt Lake Tribune

First Published Jun 28 2012 01:01 am • Last Updated Jun 29 2012 02:25 pm

When Brent Cook was handing out towels in the basement of an old gym to earn money while a student at the University of Utah some 40 years ago, he had no idea that it might lead to anything.

“I wasn’t smart enough to have any vision,” he says, laughing.

At a glance

Take a look at The Gym

For hours and amenities at The Gym at City Center, visit www.thegymatcitycreek.com or call 801-656-2092. The gym is at 51 S. Main St., Suite 308, Salt Lake City.


The man whose humble beginning has blossomed over all those years into a vast fitness legacy in Salt Lake City is nothing if not self-deprecating. By his account, he not only lacks vision, but he’s “not a very good businessman,” either. He’s “maybe not the greatest operator” and “has no discipline.”

And yet, Cook owns and operates one of the most palatial fitness clubs the state has ever seen, The Gym at City Creek.

Watching the evolution of exercise » It’s the latest and most ambitious venture for a vibrant and charismatic man who has spent most of his life dedicated to running fitness clubs all over town — watching the evolution of exercise habits and holding his own with family businesses in an era of corporate competition.

“I love it,” he says. “I just love it.” Gee, as if you couldn’t tell.

Cook leads visitors around his new place with all the energy of a first-grader showing his mother his new school, right down to explaining how he picked out the paintings on the walls himself, during his many travels around the world.

Here’s the spinning room!

And here’s the pool!

This is where we lift weights! Oh, and check out the yoga studio!

Along the way, he teases and cracks jokes, laughing a high-pitched, staccato laugh that sounds maybe a little like a hyena with hiccups.

You hear that laugh a lot, too, like when Cook tells how tennis players using the rooftop courts kept “trying to take out Moroni,” the angel statue atop the LDS temple, back when his Metro Fitness club was at the old Crossroads Mall across the street.

“Came close,” he says, giggling. “There were lots of yellow balls over there at Temple Square. Didn’t make people happy.”

From Crossroads to Gateway and back again » Still, the gym and Cook have survived.

Cook moved his Metro Fitness club from the Crossroads Mall across the street to the ZCMI Center in 1993 and stayed there until moving to The Gateway when the old downtown malls were destroyed to make way for City Creek. It’s still there, too.

And all along, Cook and his wife, Fran, also have been running the popular Sports Mall in Murray.

At a glance

Take a look at The Gym

For hours and amenities at The Gym at City Center, visit www.thegymatcitycreek.com or call 855-411-4383. The gym is at 51 S. Main St., Suite 308, Salt Lake City.

Cook has been operating fitness clubs since 1976, after getting his start in the business opening gyms around the country for the late fitness entrepreneur and University of Utah booster Bob Rice, at whose European Health Spa Cook started handing out towels as a student.

“He’s pretty much amazing,” says Kolten Jensen, who helps manage the training and sales at The Gym. “The greatest thing is he really adds a lot to the culture here. It’s more like a family than a sweat shop.”

Not only has Cook survived the rise of corporate competitors such as Gold’s Gym and 24-Hour Fitness, but he has witnessed the transformation of fitness equipment — from silly contraptions such as the old vibrating exercise belts to the ultramodern iFit machines of today.

“I thought the step classes were going to be an absolute bomb, and they came on like gangbusters,” he confesses. “I did pick up on Zumba, though.”

The 69-year-old Cook even has taken two of the popular Latin-themed dance fitness classes, he says, though “I stay in the back corner and I put a wig on.”

‘Because it was there to be done’ » Wig or no, Cook certainly doesn’t fit the muscle-bound stereotype of a gym owner.

He grew up as an “Army brat,” settling with his family in Utah in fifth grade, later attending East High School. He graduated from the U. with a degree in speech pathology and audiology and a minor in philosophy. Over the years, he developed an enchantment with Buddhism while traveling in Southeast Asia and acquired a love of his customers’ stories as much as their memberships.

He’s been married for more than 40 years, with three biological children and two adopted from Korea, all grown.

“What makes him so successful is he’s a very balanced person,” said Cathy Brunken, the daughter with whom Cook now runs The Gym, along with her husband, Stephen Brunken. “He was very hands-on with us, raising us — to the point where my mom would open up the Sports Mall for him early in the morning, and my dad was actually the one who would do our hair and get us ready for school and fix us breakfast and handle all of that. The energy has definitely has been there, my whole entire life.”

Cook says he constructed the sprawling, 55,000-square-foot The Gym mostly “because it was there to be done” — despite the traditional challenges operating gyms in urban downtown centers, where nighttime business often falls off a cliff.

He takes a great deal of pride in being a local fitness institution, too, even if his management style is perhaps a bit less lucrative.

“If you don’t have a passion for what you do, it doesn’t matter,” he says. “It’s the passion for the business that keeps you going, that keeps you involved. I happen to love the business. It’s not for the money.”

He adds: “Our margins in our business are a lot less than the chains, because we put so much into the space. We didn’t need 55,000 square feet. We could have probably done this in 40. But we’ve created something with 55. Will it affect the bottom line? Of course. That’s just the way it is.”

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Today’s Location: The Gym at City Creek – 51 S. Main Suite 308 SLC, UT 84111, 801-656-2092, http://www.thegymatcitycreek. com

Smoothie Recipe: The most important meal is the one you eat before and AFTER your workout. Here’s the smoothie recipe shared by Blake Robinson, Nutritionist at The Gym:

Blake’s Workout Smoothie

1 frozen banana

1 tbsp flax seed powder

1 scoop vanilla whey protein

1 handful spinach

2 cups 1% milk

· Melanie Douglas’ basic strength exercises:

o Vertical Knee Raise- This is one of the most efficient abdominal/core exercises you can do! It’s tough, but totally doable (it’s not as hard as it looks, so give it a try). It’s performed on a door gym/pull-up bar, or in a VKR chair. Hanging with straight arms and lifting with straight legs is much harder than propping on your elbows and just lifting bent knees. Try doing 2 – 3 sets x 15 – 20 reps. This is one you can do every single day.

o Pull-ups- Pull-ups shape your back, waist, shoulders and arms. They are simply incredible when it comes to results (adding definition to waist and arms) and calorie burn (because they use so much of your body strength). Don’t shy away from this exercise because you don’t think you can do it… you can! Try an “assisted” pull-up machine at your local gym. The more weight you add, the easier it is. This is the best way to train to do a pull-up on your own. Start with one rep… then two. You’ll get there!

o Plyo Box Jumps- These look more intimidating, but again, you can do it! Start with a low box (like 6″ to 12″ off the floor) and build up to the higher 24″ to 36″ inch boxes. Start behind the box, slowly drop down to squat pushing your weight into your heels, then jump up and land in a squat position on the box. There are plenty of more advanced moves to do on a plyo box, but this is a basic, effective starting point. Try doing 6-10 reps, and work up to 12 – 20 reps, as you feel comfortable.

o Decline Ab Bench Crunches- This is one thing I HAVE to go to the club for. Yep, those ab benches that decline and incline are my favorite at the gym because they help me dig deep down into my abdominal muscles to really make me feel a killer abdominal contraction. (That’s a nice way of saying they make me sore, which is a good thing!) I do two basic exercises on the bench: first, head at top, lying flat on back, with straight legs up, lifting hips. And second, head down with feet hooked into the leg bar, and lifting my upper body in a crunch pattern. I do 2 sets of 20 reps for each exercise.

o Smith Squats- The Smith machine helps “spot” you so that you lift heavier amounts of weight while staying in proper form. I love Smith squats because I can lift more weight (than anywhere else, in any other exercise) and really sculpt and shape-up my legs and glutes. Start by using just the bar and no weight, so you can understand and feel the motion of the machine and how to lock the bar into place after each set. Then add some weight (like 10 pounds) and gradually work up to an amount that feels so heavy, that you could only lift it 10 – 12 times.