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Rip 60 Classes and How They Can Benefit You

Take Advantage Of What Your Membership Offers!


Rip 60 is a innovative program that uses suspension bands to train your body to be more functional so you can have a better set of abs, stronger core, lose more body fat, and combine a cardio workout with resistance training. It is one of the most superior ways to train your body as it can get you tremendous results in a short period of time when done correctly.

The moves are different and challenging so you can have the variety that is necessary so that you do not get bored while getting a great workout in  just 30 minutes. If you are someone who is really busy and seems to never have the time to get in the gym because you think that you have to workout for two hours to get results, think again.

This 30 minute class that is FREE with your membership and is taught by one of our PERSONAL TRAINERS will prove to you that any fitness level can do this as you control the intensity and pace that you want to go and if you are hesitant on doing the class because you don’t know how to do the exercises, you no longer have to worry as the personal trainer will teach you how to do all of the moves correctly so you can get the best results and not feel stupid doing the moves and feeling like everyone is watching you.

If you are interested in attending go to our class schedule to find out the times here http://www.thegymatcitycreek.com/class-schedule/


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