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Take Advantage Of What Your Membership Offers!


Rip 60 is a innovative program that uses suspension bands to train your body to be more functional so you can have a better set of abs, stronger core, lose more body fat, and combine a cardio workout with resistance training. It is one of the most superior ways to train your body as it can get you tremendous results in a short period of time when done correctly.

The moves are different and challenging so you can have the variety that is necessary so that you do not get bored while getting a great workout in  just 30 minutes. If you are someone who is really busy and seems to never have the time to get in the gym because you think that you have to workout for two hours to get results, think again.

This 30 minute class that is FREE with your membership and is taught by one of our PERSONAL TRAINERS will prove to you that any fitness level can do this as you control the intensity and pace that you want to go and if you are hesitant on doing the class because you don’t know how to do the exercises, you no longer have to worry as the personal trainer will teach you how to do all of the moves correctly so you can get the best results and not feel stupid doing the moves and feeling like everyone is watching you.

If you are interested in attending go to our class schedule to find out the times here




I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  You have been able to do, in just a few months, what I’ve been trying to do my entire life.

As you know, in 1999, I blew out my left knee; Partial ACL, MCL torn cartilage and a shattered tibial plateau.  Due in part to a doctors incompetence, I had to refrain from major physical activity for a year and a half.  In that time I developed some awful habits.  I stopped working out, I ate horribly, and in general, I let my body go.


I’ve tried several times to get in better shape.  I’ve joined 4 gyms.  I’ve enrolled in “boot camps,” tried to get into cycling (including several rides in LOTOJA).  None of this has worked.


In December 2010, I started to play rugby.  I really did it not knowing what I was getting into.  I had never played a contact sport before, and it just sounded like something fun to do.  I played one season, just learning the basics of the game.   I started to realize that I wasn’t playing as much as everyone else, the problem was that I couldn’t keep up.  I couldn’t hit as hard as everyone else.  I was worn out after playing for 5 minutes.  Essentially I was useless to the team.


The Gym was the perfect solution.  Just ask your sales guys how excited I was about the gym opening.  I couldn’t wait.  It was in the same block as my office, and it was simply beautiful!  I decided this was my chance to step it up.  As soon as I could get it scheduled I took the private training session, and I determined that if I was going to do this it had to be the right way.   Part of my problem was that all thought I knew that hard work was required; I had no idea how to do it.


That’s when we started to work together.  You gave me clear workouts that didn’t require an entire afternoon.  They were effective.  They changed on a regular basis, so I worked on different areas of my body and honestly….so I didn’t get bored.  The workouts you gave me were tough enough to make me push myself but not so tough I couldn’t do them.


The biggest mystery to me is nutrition.  I’m a bit of a foodie, and I love good food.  I’ve tried all sort of diets, fad diets, all protein diets, “body for life.”  They just don’t work for me.  When I asked you the question about what I should be eating, you spelled it out for me.  You didn’t tell me what to eat, as much as you taught me HOW to eat.  Now in my schedule at work, on my phone, on my Ipad, I get alerts that tell me “time for some protein and fruit”.  I’m able to eat out with my clients, because I know how to order food.


You listened to me and my goals.  You looked at the crazy pictures of rugby players I sent you so I felt like you really understood what it is I’m trying to do.  I’ve spoken with trainers at other gyms… regardless of my goals, their advice I’m told is generic and basic (yes I know I should stretch…).  Yours is clearly targeted to me, my body, and my goals to live a better life and be a better Rugby player.


I know I have a long way to go, but finally I have traction.  I’m moving in the right direction.  I’m excited to head to the gym each day and work up a good sweat.  I look forward to eating well and don’t have to gorge myself on supersized big macs anymore!


I couldn’t have done this without you!  You’ve been a great guide for me, and I look forward to working with you to get to my goal body shape, and working with you after to stay there.  Thanks a million


Steve Eror


*If you are interested in setting up your free personal training session to see if this is something you would like to get involved in email us at [email protected]*


As you know here at our gym we are constantly looking for new ways to add more value to your membership while simultaneously improving your experience. As we were creatively thinking of how we can “wow” our members we came up with the idea of offering discounts to the mall that is located right below us.

We decided to meet up with stores to partner up with us to add such tremendous value and if you click the click the link below titled “Gym Benefits” you will be able to see the stores where your gym membership gets you a discount. In order to redeem the discount at the stores all you have to do is show the store your membership barcode. Hope you guys enjoy and thank you so much for being a member of our gym we appreciate your business.

Gym Benefits

Below are some great resources to help you out with your nutrition. If you are someone who really struggles with how to incorporate eating healthy into your daily routine click the links below to get the pdf formats of our workshops that have been done by Harmon’s in our monthly free nutrition seminar held at the City Creek Harmon’s location. If this is something that you are interested in attending next month we will have another seminar on October 24th at 7 pm. Email [email protected] for more information.

Mix and Match Chart for Balanced Meals Workshop (1)

brown bag lunch workshop handout (1)

Fuel Up Workshop Handout (1)

Harmons Shopping List (1)

The Gym at City Creek is striving to be more than the typical gym. The typical gym just sells you a building that just happens to have equipment for you to use or not use. The typical gym is not very interested in the results you gain or how it can enhance your life.

Our gym is about offering more than just equipment. Our gym is about creating a connection with our members and truly changing lives. We understand that you have a busy life and trying to balance them all can be a challenge. But above is a picture of one of our members who despite, running a successful business that requires a lot of travelling, still finds time to get his workout in.

The pictures above are his before and after photos. He used a personal trainer three times per week to get these results but the benefits that he has received by committing himself to improving his health and fitness are

  • having more energy throughout the day to be more productive in his business
  • fitting better in his clothes which helps him project more confidence
  • having his wife say he is “buff

These are just some of the benefits he has received by being a member of our gym and we are happy that he chose our gym to be a member of.